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How to fix Mac Preview app hang after open a PFD/image file

One day I openned up a few PDF and press Comamand + F to find cenrtain text and the Mac Preview hangs. After force quit and restart my macbook it still hang every time I open an image or PDF file. I've searched the internet for a couple of months for a solution but none of them works. So I tro to figure it out myself and eventually it works for me. You can try your luck to see if this works for you too.

1. Open any image or pdf that cause your Preview app hangs

2. Right click the preview menu icon and you will see a list of files

One of these files cause the Preview to crash and what you need to do is to delete that file. So I deleted all of them.

3. Remember the file name and delete them one by one

4. Your Mac Preview app should works again after you have deleted all the files.


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